How to host a winter wedding

With the Australian winter wedding season in July, you need to be ready to host a winter wedding. Although you may not get snow in all parts of Australia, there are some destination venues who do get snow and worth while checking them out if this is what you want.

Otherwise there are some wedding plans

You need to consider like your wedding indoors, so people don’t have to deal with the biting cold. If you are spending your wedding outside, hire a marquee and heaters to keep you warm.

Watch for the weather forecast and inform your guests about the weather (and possible changes) and the arrangements you have made to prepare with umbrellas and sweaters. Keep a few jackets handy (definitely if you’re holding a snowy winter wedding), so guests can use them if they wish. Also, planning small fires or ovens to keep guests warm. You can also keep gas mushroom heaters on every few feet to keep them comfortable.

Some winter warming catering is essential like

Mulled Wine (which is a hot, spicy red wine) has got to be my favourite for winter wedding catering. Also serve hot tea or coffee throughout the wedding to keep your guests warm. Make sure the food is served hot. Soups are a great starter, and you will typically see the steam coming out of them, just like the wet dishes at a buffet. Heating the plates will help keep food hot so that they can enhance the comfort of the guests. Check out our winter wedding menu ideas for more tips.

Serve hot desserts like bakes & tarts. You can also serve ice cream with hot chocolate.

Winter decoration for weddings, take time to

Decorate the wedding venue, taking into account a winter theme. Use winter flowers for bouquets and vases. Make curtains with thick material in warm colors. Use more candles to warm the place but also to create amazing visual theming. You can also use rich colors for pillows. Speak to a wedding planner about whats in season and pair it with your inspirations.

Winter clothing is important for comfort,

Dress in warm clothes, using materials such as silk for salt or wool for suits. Keep a jacket handy, so you can cover yourself with it when you start felling the cold. Wearing thermal underwear under the dress or suit helps to keep your cold away from you. Make sure you consider wet weather clothing for the “Just in case” scenario.

Things to Remember When Hosting A Winter Wedding.

Planning a winter wedding is an exciting adventure because it is one of the most beautiful and romantic seasons in which to get married, in my opinion. Most winter weddings are indoor events, which means they happen to be more formal than traditional spring or summer weddings.

For many couples, planning a formal occasion can seem daunting and frightening. You can use conventional winter colors, such as silver and whites. This would be a lovely theme for the winter wedding reception. You can than add colors like red, ice blue, gold, and silver for the winter wedding theme.

  1. For winter wedding ideas related to invitation cards, heavy white cards can be used with black writing. A snowflake logo on the menu would look very elegant. Silver ribbons can also be tied around invitations.
  2. There are various types of winter wedding flowers that are seasonal and can be used for decoration. Some of the most sought-after and loved varieties are hydrangeas, amaryllis, and lilies.

To make buttonholes and bouquets beautiful and diverse, you can add snow raspberries for a beautiful texture or Dusty Miller foliage or lamb’s ear for a light touch of silver-green. You can add crystals to the flowers.

  1. Planning a winter wedding at the right time is very important. Using branches instead of flowers will be very creative as central elements for the winter wedding reception. You can quickly get black and white branches at your local craft store.

You can glue the small crystals on these branches to look like drops of ice and later arrange these wonderful branches in a crystal vase. Place this vase on a sleek mirrored disc and surround this centerpiece with tea or votive lamps.

  1. Search the internet for more winter wedding decorating ideas. An excellent winter wedding cake would be a classic cake – all white, dusted with silver powder, which is edible. Embellish the cake with sugar crystals and white sugar ribbon or a fantastic-looking lace pattern. Another great idea would be to place each layer of cake over the stands and then let the refined-looking crystal drops hang from each of these stands.
  2. You could also get involved in planning a winter wedding favorite. To rightly match the recurring ice theme, use crystal ornaments that have been engraved with the couple’s name and wedding date.

Mini ice wine bottles (wine created from grapes that were harvested while they were still frozen) and custom labels on them are a great idea. Roasted chestnuts or chocolate-covered cranberries, handed out in small silver mesh bags, would be a great favor for guests. Talk to you wedding caterer today about what they could do? or ask your planner.

You can also get custom-made mugs with the wedding date and the couple’s name printed on them. These cups can then be placed in a mixture of hot chocolate or cocoa.

As daunting and intimidating as it may seem and look like, planning a winter wedding is not a daunting task. Start your planning a few months so that you have nothing to buy or worry about at the last minute. A wedding should be a fun event, so you need to manage your time accordingly.

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