24 Frequently MUST-ASKED Questions

The above e-book is common FAQs but also the MUST-ASK questions we put together to help you through the process of asking caterers specific questions to decide which caterer is the best for you. And better yet, we have already pre-answered the questions below about our service. I hope this helps you in your journey.

1. Are you available for my date?
the best way to check our availability is by clicking the package of choice to view a pop-up calendar which will show if Graz’n Gourmet has a team available for your event. Though please note, if it says unavailable. This may be just the package is unavailable due to the equipment beings used for another event. If you are open to another style of service you can check a different package or contact us for more information

2. When do I need to book? What is the deposit?
To reserve your event, you can book using our online system or by calling us. The best time to book is now assuming were available. Most brides and grooms book their weddings 6 to 18 months in advance and other events 3 weeks to 12 weeks out. Graz’n Gourmet request a 10% deposit to reserve your event

3. Whats your experience? What sort of functions do you cater?
Matt Black, head chef and owner, has over 18 years experience working in some of Sydney’s best restaurants and hotels. As a gourmet caterer, Graz’n Gourmet caters many functions throughout the year covering a range of events including birthdays, weddings and corporate events

4. What are you Insured for?
Graz’n Gourmet is fully insured for product and public liability

5. Do you have the correct licences and are your fully compliant?
Graz’n Gourmet is completely compliant with HACCP ( national food standards ). Our waiters and bartenders are all RSA qualified. Graz’n Gourmet supplies alcohol under Host Events liquor license number LIQO660033548

6. What style of service are they?
Although we are a formal gourmet food and beverage caterer, we are great for both casual and formal events. We have also dressed up in theme upon clients requests.

7. Do you provide a tasting?
Graz’n Gourmet are happy to provide a tasting session to your selected plated menu. We offer this in the way of a dinner party that can be booked online at your convenience. Most clients make an evening of it with family or friends. With no minimum, you can book from two guests.

8. What do your packages include?
all our packages come complete with chefs, equipment specific to the package, service -ware specific to the package ( platters or plates & cutlery ). The only thing you need to consider is if you want to add wait staff for a full service

9. Is the food prepared onsite or pre-prepared?
We love to cook on-site to show our flair and impress your guests though sometimes it’s just not possible. This would depend on the package as some food items must be prepared in advanced. All food that must be prepared off-site are prepared, usually no more than 24hrs prior.

10. Do you cater for specific allergies & dietary requirements? What do they get?
Our goal is to ensure everybody enjoys cater our food supplied and nobody is left out or goes hungry. We’re more than happy to create an alternative menu for any guests with allergies or special dietary requirements

11. What are your onsite requirements? (water, elect, gas etc)
Again this depends on the package that is chosen. Most packages are created to be 100% mobile operating on gas. Though some items like the spit roasts require electricity

12. What is your staff dress code?
We service our clients in a traditional dress code with our chefs in full chef uniforms, waiters wearing black and white vest and tie and bartenders wearing black and white with a tie. We are happy to do something a little custom like Halloween theme for example upon request

13. Are we required to tip staff?
There is no requirement to tip our staff. Though many clients show the gratitude by tipping upon completion. Graz’n Gourmet divides tips given between all staff onsite for your event

14. We have other vendors. What do you supply for vendor meals?
We supply the same menu that you have for your guests for vendor’s servicing your event. If you have a table or room allocated for vendor meals, we will insure they are placed there and inform the vendors

15. Is there allocation for last minute updates?
We finalise everything 7 days prior to your event. We do our best to accommodate last-minute updates they cannot guarantee meeting any new requests

16. What do you do with leftovers?
On completion of service, we will request platters or trays for leftover food which our staff will package and leave at a designated area that you have assigned

17. Can we have other food with your packages?
Graz’n Gourmet does not allow other catering or food supplied by you with the exception of a celebratory cake unless otherwise stated in writing by one of our event managers

18. Do you have a cake cutting charge?
We do not charge for cutting a cake, provided it’s cut within our service time. If you request our staff to stay back to cut and serve the cake, you we then charged a labour fee for the extra time spent onsite

19. Do you have a corkage charge?
We do not charge for corkage

20. Can you define the difference between sit-down & buffet?
in short, a sit-down is our plated menus that the chefs individually plate, whereas a buffet is set to the side of the room with the food on platters and your guests will serve themselves. For more information check out

21. When do I finalise the menu?
All menus are finalised 7 days prior to your event

22. When do I finalise the guest count?
the quantity of guests attending your event are finalised 7 days prior to your event

23. When do I finalise the payment?
Payments are finalised 7 days prior to your event

24. Who cleans up?
Graz’n Gourmet staff will clean up our catering related rubbish. We will also assist in other rubbish they may be around. For example, beer bottles or glassware if you’re supplying your own beverages.
Rubbish is left on-site in an allocated area, unless previously arranged

Graz’n Gourmet
Our goal is to provide a range of services to make DINNER BETTER. This include our catering servces but also tips & ideas and how to create or improve designs & styling.

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