What Are The Types Of Catering Are There?

Food makes the world go round. It’s true because food is such an essential part of our lives that catering has also become a significant aspect of our events and occasions. But have you ever wondered what are the different types of catering services, or what are the types of catering establishments?

Well, worry not, because we’re here to answer all your questions on what types of catering service you should be looking out for. Let’s take a dip, shall we?

What are the different types of catering establishments?

Regardless of what you have perceived the event catering business to be, there are many variations to it! Definitely more than two. Each establishment has its specialties and deals with a different area of catering. However, they are all broadly categorized into on-premise catering and off-premise catering.

At Graz’n Gourmet, we offer both on-premise and off-premise event catering establishments. On-premise catering is where we prepare the food and serve the food to the people present in the same venue as the event. While off-premise (also known as onsite) catering is where the food is prepared in our kitchen and then transported to the desired location and served.

What are the main types of catering?

There are many different types of catering, each customized as per the customer’s liking and event requirements. But if you’re looking for a popular and well-liked catering style in Australia, here’s a list of the most popular ones:

  • Finger Food Catering (1-4hr cocktail menu)
  • Dinner Party Catering (1-5 course plated menu)
  • Buffet Catering (Starters, Main Buffet & Dessert Buffets)
  • BBQ Catering (everything from steak Rolls to full BBQ Buffet)
  • Food Truck Catering (the options here are limitless)
  • Live Station Catering (again the options here are limitless)

Now, all of the above catering styles could be differently delivered for different events. These events can include:

  • Birthdays
  • Business or Corporate events
  • Wedding Rececptions
  • Christmas
  • School Functions
  • Easter and many other special occasions

Based on the event and the catering type, you can decide the menu as well.

What are the two main types of catering?

At Graz’n Gourmet, we’ve seen that wedding catering and social-event catering are the most popular choices among our customers.

Our event catering services ensure that any event that you organize is made unforgettable so that you and your guests can cherish it as a memory forever.

You don’t even have to go to the trouble of typing “what are the types of catering services” on your Google search bar. Why? Because you’re already in the right place for all sorts of catering.

Moreover, you can always request our custom menus. Every dish will be as per your requirement and at the best prices. 

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