Spanish Party Ideas

Do you know that the best way to keep your friends and family entertained and happy at a Spanish party is by preparing them delicious food? Spanish dishes give you a variety of food choices to cook and present to your guests.

You can never go wrong with Spanish food as it is very simple and basic to prepare regardless of category- appetizers and main dishes. You don’t have to experience a hard time deciding on what to cook for your Spanish party and if that’s too much you can always contact a Spanish Paella Catering Service, as this guide will provide you with top Spanish party food ideas and recipes.

Follow through this post to know the easy and must-have Spanish party dishes and their recipes.

Main dishes

Grilled Spanish mustard beef

The dish is easily prepared using grilled beef.

Preparation method:

– Oil the grill lightly and then preheat it to a high temperature.

– Prepare the marinade by whisking the following ingredients in a large bowl: salt, pepper, paprika, garlic paste, ginger paste, olive oil and sherry vinegar.

-Dip all the beefsteak pieces in the marinade and leave them for thirty minutes.

-Transfer the marinated beef to the preheated grill to cook. Allow the first side to cook until it turns brown and then overturn to cook the other side.

– Transfer the grilled Spanish mustard beef to a plate and let it rest for ten minutes before serving.

Chorizo Paella

Chorizo paella is one of the popular dishes and definitely a must-have in your Spanish party menu. Traditionally you would use bomba rice and saffrito as we do when we cook paella catering for your events. Though you can combine it with brown rice and Tomato puree as an alternative.

Preparation method:

-Mix the following ingredients: red pepper, paprika, turmeric, saffron and salt in a small bowl.

-Put olive oil in a large pot and heat it at medium heat. To the hot olive oil, add chorizo and chicken and cook them for about ten minutes until they turn brown.

– Transfer the cooked chicken and chorizo from the pot to a plate.

– Add bell pepper, parsley, onion and garlic to the pot and continue to cook while stirring for five minutes.

– Add tomato, roasted pepper and rice and continue cooking until the rice turns brown. To the spices mixture, add broth and return the chicken and chorizo to the pot, then bury them in the paella.

– Increase the heat to boil and once this is achieved, reduce the heat and cook while uncovered for one hour.

-Finally, add carrots, thawed peas, capers, black olives and apple cider vinegar and cook everything for about 5 minutes. Your meal will now be ready.

Spanish Potato Omelet

The good thing about the Spanish potato omelet is that it can be served as a pata or as a main dish.

Preparation Method:

– Heat olive oil in a frying pan at medium heat, add potatoes, then sprinkle some salt and paprika.

– To brown cooked potatoes, add onions and stir until they soften and turn brown.

– Beat eggs in a separate bowl, combine them with salt and paprika and then pour this mixture into the pan.

– Stir gently to combine the pan contents and reduce heat to medium to cook the eggs until they turn brown on the bottom.

– Overturn the omelet carefully to cook the other side.

Serve the omelet warm. You can also garnish it with tomato and green onions.

Spanish Rice and Shrimp

This is a simple meal to prepare and requires very few ingredients.

Preparation method:

– Boil water in a saucepan, add rice, olive oil and after one minute of boiling, reduce heat to simmer the rice until the water is absorbed.

– In a second pan, heat olive oil in medium heat and add onion to cook until they are just soft. Add shrimp, red bell pepper, green bell pepper and seafood seasoning, then cook while stirring until the shrimp turns bright pink.

Serve the rice on each plate, add the shrimp mixture on top and sprinkle parsley.

Appetizers/ patas

The appetizers, also known as patas, are easy to prepare and are taken before the main meal. Here are some ideas for Spanish party appetizers.

Patata Bravas

Seasoned potatoes are oven-cooked until crispy, then added parsley tomato sauce.


This is a tomato-based soup served when cold and is prepared using tomatoes, pepper, olive oil, garlic and bread.


Churros is a fried dough pastry made in sausage shapes. Strips of dough are deep-fried in hot oil then dipped in sugar and cinnamon.


Hopefully, this guide provided you with spanish food ideas that you can use when you want to prepare various food categories for your Spanish party. Don’t allow your guest to leave the party without you boasting of your Spanish food cooking skills. For all the recipes, you can always get creative and include what your guests like in their food. With good food, it will be effortless to entertain your Spanish party guests.

If you want to hire a good paella caterer than we recommend checking us ( Hire a Chef Catering ) as we have a range of packages to suit all events. All the best!

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