So you have an event coming up, but not sure what you want!

There are so many different service styles that a caterer can accommodate for all meals from Breakfast, Lunch to Dinner including Morning tea & Afternoon tea. A lot of the food styles would suit most events including weddings, birthdays, Christmas or corporate functions.

Though there are a few questions you must initially ask yourself:

    1. 1. Is this event casual or formal?
    1. 2. And most importantly, is it a standing or plated affair?

The answers to these two questions will determine what style of catering service you require fewer event. Although most styles will fit the event brief for question 1, being casual or formal the second 2 questions will definitely have an impact on which packages you select.

Keep in mind there is no hard or fast rule to what you MUST have. Sometimes it’s just best to pick your favourite dishes and go with the flow.

Casual vs Formal?

Most gourmet caterers in Sydney like us, Graz’n Gourmet, have a wide range of packages that suit both casual and formal events. We don’t skimp on cheap budget quality so food is always great, but our service can be very customise to suit all casual birthday parties or wedding receptions to name a few.

2 perfect examples for this is a cocktail service works great for casual and formal events and so does a 3-6 course dinner.

Our High Tea, BBQ, Paella, Spit Roast & Buffet style packages are more popular and personally suited to casual events.

Standing Vs Plated

You might find this question a little more obvious which will rule out some menus that definitely don’t suit!

Let’s start with the easy style, standing

Standing or more commonly known as cocktail functions are great for a lot of events, where friends, family or colleagues “get together” in a casual or formal function. For these events, cocktail finger food packages are well suited as they are tasty bite-size canapés that don’t require plates. Served by professional waiters throughout your event.

Grazing Tables or High Tea are a good option for standing events too. Set up to the side of a room the guests can help them selves when they want a quick bit to eat as opposed to waiter walking the food around.

Live stations are also a great option for cocktail events to have a personal chef cooking live in front of the guests. A lot of the live stations serve the food in what we call a “substantial” or entrée size portion. Typically served in small bowls, noodle boxes or cane boats.

Plated dishes can come in many styles!

I’ll try not to confuse things here… Though a plated menu can be broken down into two styles, chef plated or guest plated!

Chef plated is quite straightforward. Just as you would in a restaurant, we offer a range of different packages typically 2 to 6 courses where the chef/s will plate the food prior to the guest receiving it with a waiter serving the plate on the table in front of them. This works great for dinner parties, both casual and formal!

We call this next part guest plated as it’s just that plated by the guest.
Sorry but again, this can be broken down into two styles…. shared menu or buffet menu

Shared menu is where the food is plated in platters and bowls which run down the middle of the table. This gives a great family or community feel where you’re passing all the bowls around to ensure everybody has a bit of everything off the menu. This is very much a casual style of food service.

Buffet menus are another great casual setting. Buffets are set up to the side of the room with a self-service style. Your guests will line up, collect a plate, choose the food as they passed through the buffet then be seated to eat their meal.

All our buffet services is typically styled the same way with the mains cooked custom to each category. We offer a traditional high tea, buffet, BBQs, spit roasts & paellas. Everyone loves our buffets of white china and lit up with gold heat lamps. Great for casual and formal affairs. They work well at home, at a venue or in the office.

If you do get stuck; you can contact Graz’n Gourmet who can help you throughout the process of selecting the right menu.

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