How much does buffet catering really cost?

So you’ve decided on a buffet for your event. And why not, buffet catering a great way to mix a variety options for each person to choose what they want to eat for themselves. Having a range of dishes running down a side table display to allow each person to go to the line and choose what they want to eat. This can be a cost-effective and appreciated choice for everyone.

Before you work out a total buffet cost you need to consider

Buffet Staffing for Service

Staffing a buffet can become approx 30% of your catering cost, but the benefit is you can relax while staff serve your guests. You should allow for $10/p for a fully catered buffet. A party buffet catering service is a team of people who will organize and repair your buffet food for your party or event as professionally as possible to make sure your guests leave completely happy. But you should check your potential caterers’ reviews and as what their service includes as this varies from caterer to caterer.

Your Bespoke Buffet Menu

One of the most important aspects of getting a buffet supplied is providing an amazing tasty range of food to your guests, and hiring a catering company to provide complete buffet catering services for your party.

Try looking at all the option to a buffet that effects the cost of your buffet. A few options to include:

Buffet Starters or Entrees

There are so many things you can do here from cheap fried finger food items that start at about $2 per canape to gourmet canapes starting at $4 per item. We typically recommend 4-6 pieces of canapes to start. Than you can also have a grazing with the canapes or on its own for guest arrival. Grazing Tables start as cheap as $10/p to $30/p varying to the items & qty of food. Graz’n Gourmet Catering Grazing Tables average $20/p with a range of Cured Meats, Grilled Veg, Cheese, Dips & Breads/crackers.

Main Course Buffet options

The highlight of the buffet menu is the mains. You can find affordable meat dishes starting at $12.95/p and going up to $19.95/p. Caterer made sides of vegetables, grains & salads are approx $4.95/p. If they pre-purchase the sides, then you would expect approx $3.95/p. Having a selection allows personal plates produced for every person who attends the celebration. People enjoy that they have a selection, so a buffet provides happier guests (especially the fussy ones.)

Desserts are essential to an event (even if you have cake!)

Finish your buffet package off with desserts. Make sure they compliment your cake if you have 1. Dessert buffet catering is a fantastic variety sweets, tarts, cakes, mousses and so much more like chocolate dipped strawberries. Because you will offer your guests tasty food. Costs for desserts range from $2/item to $4/item on average assuming bite sized canape styled desserts. If you opt-in for large gateaux cake slices you should expect to pay about $12/slice ( which is the average cost of a celebratory cake )


You should talk to a few buffet service providers to see the difference in whats offered and compare that to package prices. We recommend you asking the caterer questions specific to what they provide & relatable to what you want to ensure you have the right outcomes. As you will find some affordable or cheap packages from $20/p and we’ve seen them as high as $180/p. The average cost for a 3 course buffet with Graz’n Gourmet is $79.95/p.

There are many ways you can provide party catering for your event, buffets being one option, and it is usually helpful to seek the assistance of an expert caterer like Graz’n Gourmet to help you select the right menu for your event. You can evaluate your select and decide which one will be the right choice for your tastebuds. A buffet catering company like Graz’n Gourmet could be an best solution to deliver a memorable food service to guests that they are happy, however, it’s important to us that you get what you want!

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