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Promote Graz’n Gourmet & Earn $$$ for it

Are you located in Sydney? Use Facebook ( or other social media)? Have a local business? Have a website/blog that attracts a lot of local traffic to? Are you looking for some residual income through marketing services? Graz’n Gourmet are looking for local businesses to help promote our catering services through your websites to drive traffic to our packages & book their events. And in return for providing the links you get paid for every booking/purchases that come from your website/s.

Does this program suit me?

This affiliate program would suit any individual or local business looking for residual income in and around a 100km radius of Sydney, including but not limited to Blue Mountains, Penrith, Central Coast, Wollongong, Campbelltown areas.
We have local suburb tracking, where we can create a suburb specifically for your business links.

What do I get out of this?

You get paid, Of course! or you can use the credits for an event in the future, like a Birthday Party, wedding catering or Corporate Catering? Your account will be credited for every confirmed booking that comes through your links/website.

Easy to track Dashboard

With your own personalised affiliate account, you are able to create links, copy existing marketing campaigns, track all engagements with your links through a little tag that creates a custom link for your account. Through this dashboard. You can see how much you have earnt, payment history and request purchases through credit earnt (off this account)

Promoting on Social Media

60%-odd of our bookings come from Facebook! So we encourage you to start there though there is way more platforms that generate converting traffic. Though to get the best results for converting bookings keep it to local traffic. e.g. Facebook pages & local garage page groups. Though Instagram & all the posts & links to our social media pages.

Remember KISS:Keep It Simple Stupid! Just share where the people go.

Tagging/checking in: When ever possible tag or check-in with Graz’n Gourmet. This helps build an unseen trust they can see going back to a real profile

Sharing Reviews: Your Friends & Family love a good post… though trust is build when you share reviews. Check out our Review page on facebook to copy them and share them. Alternatively can take a screen shot and use them as your post image.

Linking: Social profiles don’t like linking photos to urls. so you need to have an image and than create a text post with your unique link (created in your dashboard)

See example below:

Who creates the marketing images?

You can relax knowing that Graz’n Gourmet catering team create all of our marketing and advertising content. If you need something a little customised contact us with the specifications you require. The reason we create our all the marketing is to keep our branding consistent across all platforms and to ensure that all traffic understands exactly what they are clicking through to. This helps of course your conversions.

For the best conversion rate we do recommend using both image links and contextual links on your website. The best place to have an image or link is on your pages they get the most traffic e.g. homepage or inner page ranking number one on Google or other search sites. Though this is completely a personal thing and will vary from site to site on availability on the webpage.

Image Links
We have a few different styles of images created with various links to different parts of our website. We do however request all local businesses to update the links to their closest suburb pages. We will help you with creating these links.

Contextual Links
Contextual links are used throughout a paragraph or text section that would describe our services in a new and unique paragraph (we do not condone copying text off other websites). Again we can help with creating unique content and links to suit the web page you are creating the links on.

For more information

To get more information regarding Graz’n Gourmet affiliate program, you can either call us on one 1300 360 046 or email
To sign up please go to

To growing in business with each and every new affiliate partner who joins our program

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